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Eric was at a college party when he got drunk and groped one of the girls at the party. The girl called security who came and wrote him up for the incident. He had to attend the "Board of Students" who decided to give him a trial by his fellow peers. Unfortunately for him, they were all women. They were pissed off how he would be so disrespectful to one of his fellow classmates. The girls decided that his punishment should only be as humiliating!

They made him strip off his clothing and they all stood there making fun of him. He was completely humiliated but turned on at the same time. The girls had him lay down on the table and they took turns sitting on his face! He started to get turned on, so they decided to give him a handjob. The girls were taking turns groping him and stroking his cock. Right when he was about to cum, they stopped stroking him causing his cum to slowly dribble out of his cock ruining his orgasm completely!


"Punished By His Classmates"
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41 Minutes of Video

Tina was tired of dealing with Frank, her good-for-nothing boyfriend. Tina was out all day working while Frank was home all day doing nothing. When she got home, she found her boyfriend in their bedroom trying to seduce her best friend. She was extremely pissed off that he was not only lazy, but he was also an asshole!

Tina decided that Frank needed to be taught a humiliating lesson so with the help of her friend, they decided to give him a very embarrasing punishment. After the two girls him to strip off their clothing, they proceeded to give him an ass fucking with a thick strapon dildo!

"Caught Cheating & Punished"
298 Photos
39 Minutes of Video

Mike was arrested and sitting in jail for the weekend before he could meet with the judge on Monday to get bail. He was extremely pissed off and was cursing and yelling at the officer to let him out. She finally got fed up with him and told him not only was she going to release him, but was going to give him something he would never forget.

Unfortunately for him, she had some bad thoughts in her mind. After letting him out of the cell she told him he needed to comply with her every demand and would let him go early. She ordered him to strip off his clothing. Once he was naked she opened her desk drawer and pulled out some women's clothing and told him to put it on. He was extremely confused, but once he put on the women's clothing she pulled out a strapon and told yelled at him "If you are going to act like a bitch, I'm going to treat you like one". Watch as she humiliates him in this feminization video!

"Humiliating Prison Experience"
404 Photos
41 Minutes of Video

Johnny was waiting after class with one of his classmates when his girlfriend walked in and caught him flirting with another girl. His girlfriend was upset that he would flirt with another girl, but what pissed her off even more was the fact that the other girl admitted that he was trying to have sex with her. Not only was his classmate offended but his girlfriend was fuming mad.

She reached into her bag and pulled out a strapon. At first both Johnny and his classmate were confused, but his girlfriend made it very clear that he was about to be humiliated and punished unlike anything before. The classmate asked Johnny's girlfriend if she could help punish him, and she was happy to oblige!

"Classroom Punishment "
301 Photos
34 Minutes of Video

Mike was peeping in on the girls locker room and was caught red handed by Vicky. The three girls, obviously pissed that Mike would try to sneak a peak, decided they needed to get back at him. Stripping him naked, the girls took pictures of themselves manhandling Mike's ass.

Then they each took turns sitting on his face, humiliating him as much as they possibly could while capturing the whole thing with their cell phone cameras. Just when he thought things couldn't get better, they did! They decided to let him fuck one of the girls, but made sure to control his rhythm and how deep he was able to fuck her. Trying to fuck her deeper, the 2 girls held him back while the other girl controled how deep he could penetrate her.

Then the took his cock out of the girls pussy, and shoved it deep into her ass. He was so turned on, but the girls made sure to make sure he didn't enjoy it enough! Watch how they him to lick ass, get completely humiliated, then ruin the best sexual experience of his life!

"The Locker Room Bandit "
257 Photos
41 Minutes of Video
Carrie recently started dating a new guy she met at a club named Dave. It was the first time he was going to meet her friends so they decided to put him through a little test to see if he was good enough to date their friend. Dave arrived to find Carrie sitting on the couch with her friends.

They asked him a bunch of questions then decided to test him to see how far he would go for her. They told him to strip off his clothing. He was a little reluctant at first, but agreed. After he stripped off his clothing and standing in front of the girls naked, they told him they wanted to see him touch himself! Watch as he masturbates in front of these three horny girls!
"The Girls Turn"
105 Photos
33 Minutes of Video

Mr. Johnson was the teacher at an all girls school. He was known for flirting with his students so a couple of girls decided they were going to teach him a lesson he would never forget and get themselves an "A" for the semester. One of the girls started flirting with the hunky teacher then as he was putting his moves on to her, the other 2 girls came in. They told him if he didn't follow their instructions they were going to put in a complaint to the school administration. Not wanting to lose his job, he agreed.

They pulled out some rope from their bag and tied up his hands. One of the girls then sat on his face smothering him with her firm round ass while the other girls teased and played with his cock! The girls took turns humiliating him, rubbing their dirty heels on his cock, and even spitting on it! Being completely humiliating and holding back as long as possible, the girls finally got him close to cumming. Right as he was about to explode with pleasure the girls stopped touching him ruining it. Unfortunately for him, they were not going to let him enjoy it!

"Teacher Teased and Smothered"
135 Photos
31 Minutes of Video

After lacrosse practice, a few of the team members went back to their locker room to change. As they were walking into the locker room they caught their teacher going through their lockers. The girls couldn't believe their teacher was smelling their panties! He was completely embarrassed and humiliated he was caught, but it was only going to get worse for him. He had a huge crush on Lisa, and they knew they had the upper hand over him. They said they were going to tell the principal, and he knew if they did he would lose his job.

But the girls had a better idea in mind for this horny pervert. They took out a jump rope and tied up his hand. Lisa said to him, if you want to smell my panties you should be able to smell the real thing! They put him down on the bench and she climbed onto the bench putting his bare ass on his face. The girls then took turns face sitting on him while playing and teasing his cock. He was totally humiliated, but couldn't keep himself from getting a hard on. It was his dream to be able to fool around with these girls, but this was not what he hand in mind. It only got worse from there, because right as he was about to cum, they had something special planned for him!

"Locker Room Pervert Busted"
210 Photos
38 Minutes of Video

Josh went to his Doctor's office for his yearly checkup. His Doctor was asking him some preliminary questions when he admitted to her he had unprotected anal sex with a few girls. When he told his Doctor this, she got extremely upset. "Do you know how dangerous that could be?" she screamed at him.

She decided the only way she could get the message across to him was with a hands on demonstration. She pulled out a strapon, and a condom. After teaching him how to properly put the condom on the dildo she stripped him, gave him a hard bare botom spanking then proceeded to fuck him in the ass with the dildo! "See how bad this feels" she said to him while fucking him in the ass."Getting an STD would feel 100 times worse!"

"Doctor Punishment "
556 Photos
14 Minutes of Video

Eric was arrested for trying to pick up a prostitute and brought down to the local prison for booking. He was really pissed off and told the arresting undercover officers that "All police should be men, that women can not do a good enough job being in law enforcement" The girls were shocked at how arrogant and sexist Eric was considering they just arrested him about 5 minutes earlier.

The girls decided that perverts like Eric need to learn a little respect. After talking it over, the girls decided that their typical humiliation would not be enough. They needed to feminize him and teach him a lesson her would never forget. They stripped him of all his clothing then proceeded to put makeup on him, once he had make up on, the girls pulled out womens clothing and him to dress up like a girl. Once its was all over the female officers took pictures just in case they ever needed to remind him what happened last time!

" Feminization"
141 Photos
43 Minutes of Video

Jim has a history for treating women a certain way and it was time Melanie and her friends taught him a good lesson. She showed up at his office with her two friends Ashley and Tina, while he was working, ready to teach him some business! She was extremely pissed off that he had been so abusive so they started to take his clothes off to humiliate him!

Jim took off all of his clothes and stood in front of the girls. Then, the other girls started to take off her clothing to get Jim aroused so they could torture his penis.... The girls Jim to lie down so they could sit on his face. The girls gave Jim a night of pain and torture that he would never forget!

"Grown Man Cries "
185 Photos
34 Minutes of Video

Free Bonus From GirlfriendHandjobs.com Jim sometimes gets too caught up in his sports shows to realize that he's missing out on his girlfriend Francesca's sex drive. But today she takes the matter into her own hands.

She picked out an incredibly skimpy and sexy outfit highlighting her perky breasts and juicy ass before grabbing Jim's joystick and playing to his heart's content! She jerks him off as she sucks on his balls and licks his ass!

"Girlfriend Handjobs "
145 Photos
41 Minutes of Video

Mike showed up for class early, and his teacher was not there. He figured he would be able to have a quick smoke before she showed up. Unfortunately for him, she showed up! She was extremely pissed off that he would be so disrespectful that she decided to teach him a lesson he would never forget.

She told him to strip off his clothing and stand there completely humiliated by her. She then started to take off her clothing, and he got excited...that was until she pulled out a strapon dildo. And she gave him a fucking he would never forget!

"Completely Humiliated "
189 Photos
34 Minutes of Video

Kevin was at the massage parlor receiving a massage when he began to get more and more aroused as Heather ran her hands over his body. When he started to get horny Kevin tried to fondle and touch Heather's body. Caitlin and Brit walked into the massage parlor to witness Kevin's inappropriate actions and were immediately pissed. To get back at Kevin, the girls decided they would teach him a lesson.

Each of the girls took turns sitting on Kevin's face and stroking his cock, getting it as close to orgasm as possible and then stopping so that Kevin had a terrible case of blue balls! Kevin's punishment was so brutal that he promised never to touch any girl ever again without their permission!

"Horny, Humiliating Massage "
201 Photos
41 Minutes of Video

Jeremy had a court date and met with Mrs. Helmen to find out his punishment. He was convicted of sexual harassment so the judge decided a strict punishment would be in order.

In front of his lawyer, she ordered him to remove all his clothing then had him receive a bare bottom spanking. Once his ass was nice and red, the judge ordered the lawyer to fuck him in the ass with a thick strapon dildo!

Watch as he is stripped of his clothing and his dignity and given a very humiliating punishment in front of his sexy lawyer!

"Plaintiff Sexually Harassed"
221 Photos
33 Minutes of Video

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